Who can use them

Blue diamond® condoms have been designed to be used by sexually active couples.

Most men and women can use blue diamond® condoms with a few exceptions. 
Do not use blue diamond® condoms if:

•    you or your partner is taking medication to lower blood pressure, for erectile dysfunction (male impotence), migraines , headaches or glaucoma.
•    The condom is likely to come into contact with inflamed or broken skin.
•    You or your partner are taking any medication for anaemia.
•    Your partner is pregnant or breast-feeding.

Consult your doctor before using blue diamond® condoms if:
•    You or your partner has low blood pressure or a pre-existing heart condition.
•    You or your partner is using medicines that could come into contact with the condom.
•    You think you or your partner may be allergic to latex.
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